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Good code is its own best documentation. As you’re about to add a comment, ask yourself, ‘How can I improve the code so that this comment isn’t needed?’

– Steve McConnell

php training in pune

What exactly is PHP?

PHP is a server-side programming language for creating static, interactive, and web-based applications. Hypertext Preprocessor, or PHP as it was previously known, stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP is a server-side and general-purpose scripting language designed specifically for web development. All major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and macOS, can run PHP. Advance PHP training in Pune course is compatible with all major web servers, including Nginx, OpenBSD, and Apache. Some cloud systems, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, also support PHP.

PHP is a very adaptable language. It’s not simply for dealing with HTML. PHP provides built-in support for PDF, GIF, JPEG, and PNG image generation. PHP is noteworthy for its database support, which includes MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, db2, Oracle Database, and MongoDB.

In the developing technologies that are altering our economy, We Creation Infotech provides corporate PHP training in Pune. Creation  Infotech provides the best Corporate PHP training in Pune. We are a well-known for Best PHP classes in Pune kothrud  that has been in the training Profession from last 8 years. Hands-on Practical Learning is crucial for new students, and our Corporate PHP Training in Pune reinforces vocabulary and skillset.

Advantages of Learning PHP Language – 

Our PHP classes in pune kothrud provides you several advantages for web development because it was created for the web in the first place:

  • Simple – PHP is a simple language to learn and use.
  • PHP websites are known for their speed.
  • PHP is stable because it has been around for quite some time.
  • Open source and free — PHP is a free and open-source programming language. This means you won’t have to pay a license charge to use PHP to create software.
  • PHP has an active online community that can assist you if you have a problem.

Why should you use PHP?

PHP is open-source programming language. When compared to other languages like JSP, ASP, and others, the learning curve is rather short. Documentation for a large community Unlike other languages that require IIS, most web hosting servers accept PHP by default. As a result, PHP is a cost-effective option. PHP is updated regularly to stay up with the latest technological developments. Another advantage of PHP is that it is a server-side scripting language, which means that you just need to install it on the server and that client computer requesting resources from the server do not require PHP; simply having a web browser is sufficient. PHP provides built-in support for working with MySQL; however, this does not exclude you from using PHP with other database management systems. 

You can still use PHP using the following:

  • Postgres
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server
  • ODBC etc.
Creation’s PHP Training in Pune has aided professionals in huge MNCs in upskilling their positions. If you work in an IT firm and want to improve your IT/software skills, Creation Team will be the right fit for you. Our Corporate PHP Training in Pune will help you improve your skills, allowing your company to boost its return on investment. Creation Infotech is a leading provider of corporate PHP training in Pune, India. As per your requirements, we guarantee unique and new PHP techniques in Pune.
php training in pune

Advance PHP Training In Pune Syllabus

Introduction to Web Technology


Introduction, Elements, Tags, Attributes, Paragraph, Headings, Line Breaks, Horizontal Rule, Lists, Formatting, Color Codes, Font, Text Links, Email, Images, Image Link, Forms, Table, Comments, Music Codes, Video Codes, Div,  Dreamweaver(IDE)


Introduction, Types Of CSS(Internal,  Inline, External), Selectors(Tags), Use of Class and Id with the Selectors, CSS Background & Color ,CSS Text, CSS Font, CSS Border, CSS Padding


Introduction to JavaScript,  Variables, Operators, Data Type Conversions, functions, Control Structure, Date Time functions and Form Manipulation.

Industry professionals and experienced trainers provide our Best PHP classes in Pune to help professionals improve their knowledge and the company’s ROI. Modular web development is supported by Best PHP classes in Pune. The application code is separated into reusable modules. If you do a quick search for the best PHP classes in Pune kothrud, Creation Infotech Institute will come up first. Our courses are also accredited, and we guarantee 100% job placement support.

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Introduction To PHP:- 

  • The origin of PHP. 
  • How PHP better then other language. 
  • How PHP works with the web server. 
  • PHP tags. 
  • Requirement of PHP web development.
  • Web architecture 
  • URL


Basic Development concepts : – 

  • How PHP script work. 
  • PHP Syntax. 
  • Datatype. 
  • Operator. 
  • Variable. 
  • Dynamic variable. 
  • String. 
  • Displaying information.


Control Structure : – 

  • If else statement. 
  • Switch case. 
  • Ternary operator. 
  • Looping statement. 
  • Nested control structure


Function : – 

  • What is function? 
  • Defining function.


Array : –

  • Array Structure. 
  • Type of array. 
  • Single and multi dimensional array. 
  • Numerical index array. 
  • User define index array. 
  • Casting array. 
  • Using for each loop in array. 
  • Manipulation of array.

String : – 

  • String manipulation. 
  • Changing string to array. 
  • Changing array to string.


File System :-  

  • Media Uploading


State Management : – 

  • Cookies 
  • Session. 
  • Destroying cookies and session. 
  • Sent mail. 


MySQL Introduction with PHP :-

  • Connecting PHP with MySQL.
  • Creating Database.
  • Tables in My SQL using PHP.
  • Inserting and Fetching Data from MySQL.
  • Displaying Results in HTML format.
  • Using of WHERE.
  • ORDER BY Clauses of MySQL.
  • Updating and Deleting a Row Set of MySQL with PHP.
  • PHP Database ODB.




Live Project.

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Salary of PHP Developer according to Glassdoor , Ambition box and

  • 0 – 1 Year :- 2 – 4 Lakhs
  • 2 – 3 Years :- 3 – 5 Lakhs
  • 3 – 4 Years :- 4 – 7 Lakhs
  • 4 – 5 Years :- 5 – 9 Lakhs+

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Our Best PHP Classes in Pune, which provide in-depth knowledge of the popular software programming language, which transforms a rookie PHP student into a PHP professional Expert. The skilled staff at Creation Infotech PHP classes in Pune kothrud carefully plans and executes the courses in accordance with the needs of the leading industries.Our Best PHP courses in Pune are designed to meet the needs of the students. If the schedules do not match, we devote 100% of our attention to rescheduling at the appropriate time.