JavaScript MVC Framework and AngularJS

Introduction to AngularJS, the advantages of AngularJS, understanding the JavaScript and MVC framework, programming in Angular JS, JavaScript Framework comparison.

Controllers and Dependency Injection

Learning the concepts of AngularJS, creating of Controllers for expanding the scope of Angular, data sharing between various controllers, inheritance, deploying dependency injection to determine how components get hold of their dependencies, two way binding between model and view.

Route, Filters and Directives

Working with the various features of AngularJS to create application content and user interface, understanding of Routes, creating simple and nested Routes, working with Directives and Filters.

Custom Directives and Filters Creation

Introduction to Custom Directives and Filters with AngularJS, understanding how custom Directives can extend the functionality of HTML, working with and deploying customization.

AngularJS Modules in Third Party and Testing Angular

Deploying AngularJS on third party, working with Angular-ui, ng-grid, understanding angular-translate, testing of AngularJS.

AngularJS with Node.js, Yeoman and Rest Exposure

Introduction to Node.js, learning how AngularJS can work with Node.js, understand WebSockets, Rest Exposure, Push Notifications, Bower.