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How Node.js Works

Go under the hood to understand how Node.js works

NPM (Node package manager)

Installing modules

Assessing node_modules folder 

Creating a package.json file 

Managing your application’s assets


Understand the Node REPL

Modular Programming

Learn all about modular programming

ECMAScript modules

Learn to use ECMAScript modules with Node.js

Build Command Line Utilities

Learn to build command-line utilities in real-time

File System Module and Streams API

Reading directories 

Reading and serving image files 

Serving image files 

Streaming data

All about Events!

Learn about events in Node.js and the Event Emitter interface

Network I.O

Work with Network I/O

Building Web Servers

Understand and build web servers


Learn about debugging

Express Framework

Discover the Express framework

Template Engines

Learn about template engines and the Pug templating language

Building Middleware

Learn and build middleware for Express

Parsing Income Requests

Understand all about parsing incoming requests

Logging Requests

Learn about logging requests


Learn to use sessions

Modular and dynamic routing

Understand modular and dynamic routing

Route Protection

Integrate route protection

Build APIs

Build APIs for front-end applications


Work with MongoDB

Models and Controllers

Build models and controllers

Serving Single Page Applications using Express

Learn to serve single page applications using Express

JWT integration

Integrate JWT and session-based authentication

Protecting Express Apps

Learn to protect Express apps against malicious attacks